Easy game, easy life.

I wish I could draw cards like John Taylor. -Salty Dog 2015

I mean, sometimes you just have to lose to the guy who is too pants-on-head-retarded to remember the triggers that literally make his deck function. -Salty Dog 2015

I could have┬áMystical Tutor’d and put the win on top, but instead I decided to use my Gitaxian Probe to look at my opponent’s hand before tutoring because I just didn’t want to win. -Salty Dog 2015

Spell Pierce your Mox Opal. -Jabberwocky 2015

How about you put “fuck you” directly onto the stack? -Salty Dog 2015

This is the Pro Tour, John.  Not the Scrub Tour. -Jabberwocky 2015