Alias: Anafenza.
City: Camden, SC.
Favorite format: Standard.
Favorite archetype: Abzan anything.
Age: 22.
Favorite non-Magic game: Bisexuality.
Twitch: Anafenzzza

Bio: We’re not entirely sure if it’s true, but apparently Anafenza has a big Tumblr following of virgin, neckbearded mouth-breathers.  She claims she can summon them to watch us when we stream, but we’ve never peaked above 10 viewers whenever she’s done this, so…unconfirmed.   She is the only lady on the Mage Ring crew, but that’s not saying much since we’re all bitchy in much the same way that the entire cast of Queer as Folk is, so she kind of just blends right in anyway.  She’s the Emmet Honeycutt to our Brian Kinney.