Alias: Gweivyth.
City: Fort Mill, SC.
Favorite format: Cube.
Favorite archetype: Aggro.
Age: 27.
Favorite non-Magic game: Super Smash Bros. Melee.
Twitch: Gweivyth.

Bio: Gweivyth is pretty bad at playing most games, especially considering how long he’s been playing them.  Despite being the least likable person on the team, for some reason he keeps getting invited to ride to tournaments.  It may be the fact that he keeps promising to print Mage Ring Network Tshirts and playmats for the group and they’re still holding out for them.  He is also an apprentice mixmaster, and his mixtapes are 100% fire.

He is the member of Mage Ring Network most likely to get get the group arrested.  He may as well be the Asperger’s version of Bender, except he’s somehow even better at making up catch phrases that stick around.