Alias: Lowki.
Alternate Alias: Bowlfire Grandmaster.
City: Rock Hill, SC.
Favorite format: Toasted.
Favorite archetype: Bad Allies.
Age: 28.
Favorite non-Magic game: Overwatch.
Twitch: Lowki911.

Bio: Not going to lie, Lowki randomly came out of the woodwork.  He was like the phantom of Above Board Games and rose from the ashes, as if he was one of the only good things about that piece of shit store.  Although we’re pretty sure he doesn’t actually own any Magic cards, he somehow manages to play as much Magic as the rest of us.  He’s almost definitely a betabitch, illustrated by his affinity for support classes in video games and RPGs, but it’s cool because the wolf pack needs a backup.

Despite what his profile image may suggest, he does not posses the knowledge of the ancient Hawaiians.