• The game is played as though both players have emblems of Richard Garfield PhD and Mindlock Orb on the field at all times.
  • Any card may be played face-down as a land.
  • Face-down resource cards are called “Utopia,” produce mana of every color, and are all basic land types.
  • Cards are considered to be their “face” cards in every zone except the battlefield and the stack.  The face card is what is actually printed on the cards you’re playing.
  • Mental Magic is played from a shared library.  Both players draw from the same deck.
  • Each card may only be cast once per game.  If a card leaves and reenters the battlefield, when it enters it must be renamed as a different card.  If a player cannot think of another card of the appropriate converted mana cost at this time, the card is exiled.
  • Players do not need to know the actual name of the card as long as they can describe it within a reasonable expectation.  A good rule of thumb to follow is that if they can provide you with enough information to find the card on the Gatherer, they can cast it.

Banned List

The banned cards and mechanics are as follows:

Ante Cards, Unglued/Unhinged, Fastbond, Exploration, Library of Alexandria, Sylvan Library, Sundering Titan, Sensei’s Divining Top, Volrath’s Stronghold, Morph, Dredge.

Cards with banned mechanics can still be cast, they simply don’t have that keyword.

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